Support rescues


Type A TEL and E-mail 1 year\8400
 Support on e-mail and Telephone call.
Type B 2times visit support 1 year\16,800
 Type A+ 2 times visit support. We check up and try to recover your computer. (if over 2 hours, extra price +\3,150/30min)
Type C Full time support 1 year\63000
Type A+ visit support. (if over 2 hours each visit, extra price +\3,150/30min)
*Each type support, not guarantee system perfect restorations.
1 time support not include support rescues
First time pack include 20min basic explanation
Internet first pack include 20min basic explanation
Wifi lan pack include 20min basic explanation
Recovery recovery computer, include internet connection and e-mail account setting
First step set up +deta move pack Move old data to new pc (include internet connection and 1 e-mail acount basic deta move)
recover with deta back up Back up your deta before set up
  • *We can visit for support only in Nagoya city and around 20km